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Frey Faust - why I dance... why I teach dance
"Reality is so complex that it surpasses anything we could imagine.
It is so mysterious that there is no way of knowing everything.
Absolute certainty is therefore delusional, but to live in a permanent state of doubt is terrifying.
The AS is my navigator's manual and dancing my way of embracing this contradiction.
Teaching the AS is a great pleasure and honor, as sharing what I have found benefits many others as well."


Dear ASIRN members and newcomers, I am proud and honored to announce that Diane Bruni has created a series of online classes using video and visual materials from various workshops that I taught for her in Toronto. The course includes classes from my colleagues as well: Erin Godfrey, Ruth Douthwright, Kevin O'connor, Dan Bear Davis and Diane Bruni herself.

Once you are signed up, you will receive your ACCESS KEY to the online courses, and can then see details on pricing.
My heartfelt thanks to Diane for this enormous investment and effort.
And thank you all for your interest and enthusiasm for my work!


February 1 to 3 / Düsseldorf, Germany


February 8 to 10 / Hamburg, Germany

Info - Registration:


February 14 to 18 / Poznan, Poland

phone: +48 6936 28278


February 22 - 24 / Luxembourg
performance and workshop package


February 26 to March 4 / Tel Aviv, Israel

AS intensive in Israel

March 22 - 24 Lithuania


April 3 to 7 / Bologna
registration details to come

April 8 to 14 / Zagreb, Croatia
closed workshop at The Zagreb Academy
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April 23 to 26 / Berlin - Tanzfabrik
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May 1 to 5 / Patras - AS LAB
Registration details to come

May 27 to June 1 / Vitlickegard, Sweden
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June 7 to 16 / Toronto, Canada - Movement Research Intensive

Registration details to come

August 5th to 30th / La Dröme, France - THE NOMADIC COLLEGE 2019
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